The Lovable Books in the Junie B. Jones Series

These humorous and relatable early chapter books will keep your growing reader learning and laughing!

May 06, 2022



The Lovable Books in the Junie B. Jones Series

May 06, 2022

The iconic Junie B. Jones is like no other — the spunky and sassy almost six-year-old goes on countless adventures and relatable school experiences. These chapter books are great for early readers looking to build core reading skills and get a good laugh in while reading.

Plus, series in general are a great way to get both reluctant and avid readers to pick up more books and build a love for reading. (Read more about the value of trying the first book in a series.) Here are three reasons why your child should read the hilarious and relatable books of the Junie B. Jones series! 

1. Humor 

A book that sparks a good laugh creates a positive experience for your growing reader and encourages them to keep flipping the pages. Junie B. Jones gets herself in all sorts of relatable but silly situations, like going on a smelly bus or eating bland fruitcakes.

Humor in books helps kids develop a stronger love for reading and build core literacy skills. In fact, according to the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report, more than 70 percent of children ages 6 to 17 say they look for books that make them laugh. The funny storylines create an engaging reading experience and help with social-emotional skills and overall well-being. Your child will cherish the witty text they read in Junie B. Jones books for years to come. 

2. Reading Comprehension 

It is important for your elementary schooler to develop a solid foundation for reading, so they can take on chapter books with confidence and ease. As school-aged children get older, they will start to read to learn instead of learning to read.

The Junie B. Jones chapter books are a great way to help your child think critically about what they are reading and process the text, characters, plot, and more. For example, you can ask your child questions like: “Why do you think Junie feels that way?” The more your child interacts with the book, the more they will improve their reading comprehension — and the engaging Junie B. Jones books are a great place to start. 

3. Vocabulary and Fluency 

Vocabulary and fluency are skills to think about as your growing reader advances to reading more complex chapter books — and Junie B. Jones is packed with new words for your child to learn. 

Both vocabulary and fluency are important skills that your child will use in all subjects at school in the years ahead. Here's how reading grows vocabulary at every age.  

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